Common Questions About Doodles & Poodles Naturally

Who is Doodles & Poodles  Naturally?

We are a family who loves our standard poodles. We are not a dog kennel and we do not raise poodles to sell as you would expect from a kennel. Our puppies come from our own two poodles who live with us, in our home, as companions.

Why are we breeding standard poodles? 

Simply because we think they are wonderful.  This is a breed we had only dreamed of owning some day, and we would love to make them more accessable to others like us.

What do we think is special about standard poodles?

Besides the fact that they beautiful when groomed, they are exceptionally smart, (rated as one of the top two smartest dog breeds).  They are also clean (they don’t shed), they don’t have the “dog smell” so often noted in other breeds, and make great companions.

What about grooming, is that necessary, and isn’t it expensive? 

It depends on what your preference is.  Some people don’t groom their poodles at all, and that is fine of course.  We love the look of groomed standard poodles, so we groom ours, but do it ourselves because of the cost.  I knew nothing about dog grooming when we purchased our first puppy so I went on YouTube and watched how-to videos on grooming standard poodles (several times).  There was also the initial cost of buying a clippers, but it was a lot less expensive then paying someone else to do it.  The first few times I groomed our dogs, they didn’t cooperate as well as I would have liked.  Lets face it, it was a pain, then I remembered, my children didn’t like their their first hair cuts either.  I wouldn’t say the poodles like it now either, after a dozen or so groomings, but they do just fine.  Its important to take your time, know its going to take 60-90 minutes, laugh a lot, make the dog feel relaxed about it, and have fun.  Also, if you botch it, remember, its going to grow back.  Then sweep up the mess!

What is a “natural” standard poodle?

The word natural, in reference to people, means the health of the whole person is taken into account,  the body, mind and spirit.  Health care and life-style addresses the whole person, not just one particular symptom or imbalance, and is done in the safest, healthiest way possible.  In reference to dogs, it also means the whole dog is cared for in a healthy, non-toxic way.  When we chose to breed our poodles, we did so with the intent of producing healthy, chemical-free puppies with wonderful dispositions.  They are fed a wholesome, healthy diet, they are dewormed with natural, non-harmful herbs and homeopathics rather than the harsh chemical dewormers, and are not given dangerous, unproven vaccines.  We will not in any way knowingly endanger our puppies or adult dogs.  In addition, they also get to keep their natural tails & dewclaws.

When you choose to purchase a poodle puppy from us, you are getting a puppy that we are confident is healthy, has no known genetic anomalies or damage from chemicals, dangerous vaccines or chemical dewormers.

We do not X-ray our pregnant dams or expose them to ultrasound radiation. Both of these forms of radiation have been found to epigenetically harm developing embryos.*

How will I know when the puppies are born?

We will post information on this website when we have upcoming litters, an announcement will be made when they are born, and again when they are ready to go to their new homes.  Pictures of the puppies will also be posted.

Who picks out the puppy for our family?

As much as possible, you do. We will give you as much information as we can regarding

temperament, size and color as we can determine in a young puppy, and let you decide which one you want.

Can we come to see the puppies?

For the health and well-being of the pups, we do not allow visitors.  Many breeders have lost whole litters after a well-meaning person, who visited other litters that were recently vaccinated, came and held their puppies too, spreading the resistant strain of a bacteria or pathogen (from the vaccine they were exposed to) to their litter.  For more information on this topic, see shedding in “Dog Vaccine Dangers.” However, we do send pictures and commentary on the progress of the litter to our buyers, so you can watch them grow.

How will I get my puppy if I can’t come to your home?

We will arrange to meet you at a convenient place, or if you are a great distance away, we can fly the puppy to an airport close to you.  To have a puppy flown to your location, you will add $450.00 to the cost of the puppy. This pays for the flight ticket, the kennel we have to purchase for the puppy’s flight, the veterinarian bill for the “well puppy” check-up required by the airlines, and our expenses to take the puppy to the airport.

What paperwork is necessary and how do I fill it out?

Click on Purchasers Agreement Contract on this website and follow the instructions.  You fill out and  return the contract by e-mail or through regular mail.

When are payments due and what forms of payment do you take?

The deposit is due when your name is placed on the waiting list for a particular litter and the balance is due when you take custody of your new puppy, or before it is shipped to you, whichever you choose.  The deposit is non-refundable, so please be prayful about your decision to get a puppy before you commit to a deposit.  The deposit can be made through the Paypal link or you can send a money order or cashiers check.

Do you charge sales tax?

Yes.  We are required to charge IA sales tax.

Can I send in a deposit now?

We accept a few “early bird” deposits before a litter is born for those families that want to ensure early. that they have a pup held for them.  This of course is refundable if no pup of their chosen gender is available at the time of birth.  We start taking early bird deposits after there is a confirmed breeding for that litter.

Where are we located?  

We are located in western Iowa.

Do you have any referrals?

Yes, available on request.

Are your pups sold with a limited or a full AKC registration? 

We send our pups home with a limited AKC registration, meaning the puppy will be AKC registered but cannot be bred.

What puppy food should I feed my puppy?

We feed our dogs and puppies a premium natural food called Life’s Abundance.  We chose this food because of its flawless history, never having a recall, having all natural and healthy recognizable ingredients, and is specially formulated by the best in the industry to meet your puppy/dogs nutritional needs.  More importantly, it tests healthy for my dogs to eat when tested with biokinesiology.  And, my dogs like it.  When my dogs reached 3 months of age, along with their dry dog food, I started feeding them raw, organic eggs, raw, organic meat, and 2-4 ounces of raw, organic cows milk (never homogenized or pasturized, as that renders the milk undigestable by the dogs).

What does my pup come home with?

A sample bag of dog food and a dog training and information book.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 1 year genetic health warranty.  This covers any genetic health defect your veterinarian detects in your puppy that it renders your dog unsuitable as a pet.  This warranty is void if the puppy is overweight, vaccinated, and if its a female and she is spayed/neutered before her first heat.  It also is required that the puppy remain on Life’s Abundance food.

*For more information on the dangers of using X-ray and ultrasound radiation on pregnant dams, see videos at