We are a family of expert, ethical, companion breeders in love with Standard Poodles & Doodles!


What Makes Our Puppies Stand Out

Bear with us, we are pretty proud of our dogs…


  • Our puppies come from healthy dogs that are our pets, not kennel dogs. 


  • Our parent dogs have passed our tests for best disposition (gentle, smart, friendly, and good with children), that we want to see in our puppies. 


  • Our adult dogs and puppies are conscientiously dewormed with herbs and foods that naturally repel worms, bacteria, and other pathogens. They are not exposed to chemical de-wormers that have the potential of causing gut and colon problems, chronic illness, genetic damage, or death of the puppy. 


  • Our adult dogs and puppies are conscientiously immunized with homeoprophylaxis called nosodes. We feel these support their own body in naturally building antibodies to the bacteria, viruses and pathogens being targeted. Another advantage is there are no side-effects, no risk of seizures, collapse, chronic disability, genetic anomaly, or death to the dog or puppy. More and more natural-minded veterinarians are turning to homeopathics to safely care for the pets of their clients. 


  • Our puppies all go through Puppy Culture Socialization Program. This increases intelligence and communication skills. 


  • All our puppies also undergo the Wendy Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test. This helps prepare them for the human family life. It develops touch, sight, and sound sensitivity. This makes them a more stable puppy and easier to train as a therapy dog. 


We aren’t veterinarians and wouldn’t presume to tell you what to do for your pet. What we can do is share information that we have found in our research and experience to support the health of our pets. We hope this is helpful as we all try to optimize the life and wellbeing of our furry loved ones.