Your Adoption Journey

The decision to adopt a puppy into your family as a companion is a journey!

Beginning with research, you’ve spent a great deal of time learning and reading about different dog breeds and looking for a beautiful and ready-to-please companion dog.

You’ve learned how intelligent, agile, loving, and eager to please Poodles and Doodles are and you’ve decided that one of these breeds are right for you — Congratulations!

You’ve also realized how important an experienced and knowledgeable breeder is in raising exceptional pups.

On top of that, you understand how important it is for a puppy to start off life with the best breeder, but also a breeder who goes the extra mile to ensure each dam and her puppies only have the highest quality diet that is chemical-free, holistic and highly nutritional as well as ensuring a chemical-free environment.

Your Adoption Journey Checklist

  • Step 1: Fill Out the Adoption Form HERE  (we will contact you within 2-3 business days)
  • Step 2: When the litter is born, we will contact you with the birth announcement. At that point, you will confirm if you are seriously intending to adopt a puppy from this litter. 
  • Step 3: At this time, we are not allowing in-person visits to choose a puppy. After we receive your $300 deposit (Venmo, Zelle, or Cash), you can reserve the puppy of your choosing on a first-come-first-served basis via photos or FaceTime chat. We usually accept deposits around the time puppies are 4 weeks old. At this point we can insure they are healthy and sound, and their little personalities are starting to show.
  • Step 4: Wait until Pick Up Day after the puppies are 8 weeks old (while gathering tips and necessary goodies for your pup in the meantime!)
  •  Step 5: Pick Up Day! All puppies will be ready for their forever homes when they turn 8 weeks old. Beforehand, we will reach out to you with the announcement of Pick Up Day and which time ranges are available for you to arrive. Before then, we encourage you to stay tuned on our Facebook page by enjoying the litter photos and video updates that we post of current litters.

Safe Puppy Visiting Protocol

Please be aware of our policies regarding pick-up visits and come prepared to follow them prior to arriving on our property: We will NOT allow anyone to visit our dogs or puppies who has very recently visited any of the following: 

  • other breeder
  • dog shelter or adoption center
  • pet shop
  • farm
  • veterinary clinic or animal hospital
  • any other location(s) that we determine at our discretion is likely to contain germs or contaminants that can harm our dogs or your new puppy

Anyone who has recently (in the last two weeks) been vaccinated and could therefore potentially be shedding pathogens from said vaccination(s) must schedule their visit for 14 days after receiving any shot(s).

We ask that you wash your hands upon entry, before touching any dogs or puppies, and refrain from using hand sanitizers as some of these have harsh chemicals and scents (natural or synthetic) that can be harmful to pets, especially young pets. 

We also ask that you refrain from wearing cologne or perfume as these can also contain natural or synthetic ingredients that can be harmful to pets, especially young pets.

We really want to keep our fur babies and yours safe and healthy and there are many horror stories of germs being spread that can kill or seriously injure puppies and dogs. 

We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone (even if they come to our door) if they might put our dogs or your new puppy at risk. 

If you have any questions about whether this policy applies to your situation, please contact us directly. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter!