F1, F2, F1b, F2b – What Are These? Doodle Generations

F1, F2, F1b, F2b: What does all of this mean?

F1 Goldendoodle is where you begin. These are produced from breeding a golden retriever to a purebred standard poodle. They are considered 50% golden retriever and 50% standard poodle. However, just like children, a puppy can take after one parent more then the other, making it more poodle or more golden retriever. We have had litters of F1 doodles that took after their poodle mother, and shed little to none at all, while others took after their retriever father.

F1b is produced by breeding a F1 doodle (above) back (b) to a purebred standard poodle.These are considered to be 75% poodle and 25% golden retriever, resulting in less to no shedding and less likely to trigger allergies in their owners.

F2 goldendoodle is a dog who’s parents were both F1’s (above).Our goldendoodle dam is an F2. The F2’s are considered to be 60% golden retriever and 40% poodle.It has been our experience that these dogs will shed. Again this would depend on which parent the particular puppy took after most. 

F2b Goldendoodle is produced by crossing an F2 goldendoodle back to a poodle again. This is considered the most desirable with allergy prone people because it has a good success rate for being non-shedding, as most F2b puppies are low to moderate shedding. If you are looking for a puppy that is safe for family members who have moderate to severe allergies, this may not be the best choice for your family. F2B’s can have a variety of coat types including loose-wavy, straight, and curly.