Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), Cancer and How Your Pet May be in Danger

In December of 1980, the EPA published a study on the dangers of electromagnetic radiation to our health in a 300 page report titled “Evaluation of the Potential Carcinogenicity of Electromagnetic Fields.”


Our pets have very little natural protection from radiation and excess electrical current.  The more they are exposed, the more nutrients they use up as the immune system tries to heal the damage being done to the body. This attempt by their body to protect itself can result in an excess loss of nutrients, and as you can imagine, feeding your pet a less-than-optimum diet, can worsen the damage done.


Sources of damaging current include:

  • Smart meters on our homes – It is best to keep pets at least 8 feet away from smart meters.  Walls do not protect our body or theirs from current.
  • Power lines near the home or yard
  • Electrical wiring in the home
  • Appliances, from the hair dryer to our refrigerator
  • Wifi modems /internet
  • Cell towers within a 4 block radius, radio and television towers, anything that receives radio frequencies or signals, such as televisions, cell phones, cordless phones, clock radios, computers on a wireless network, GPS, any satellite transmission (radio, television), etc.


Remember, as mentioned earlier, current is cumulative, meaning it accumulates in the body while you are being exposed, so how long you are exposed to any one source is also important in terms of damage.

Eeek, How are we supposed to protect our pets?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Never place metal kennels within 8 feet of appliances that use a lot of electrical current, such as dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, or freezers
  • Keep kennels at least 8 feet away from large screen televisions, or wifi modems, and outlets
  • Keep dogs beds (outside of the kennel) at least 5 feet away from outlets
  • Placing a one inch rubber mat under metal kennels helps to insulate them from current going through floors due to wiring, or light fixtures, that may be in the ceiling of a lower level, such as a basement or apartment. 

Studies on the dangers of EMFs

  1. Children living near transformers and power lines are far more likely to develop leukemia than those who don’t.  American Journal of Epidemiology, March 1979, Nancy Wertheimer, Ph.D., Ed Leeper, PhD, 1979
  2. Children living in homes near primary wires (those that carry electricity from substations to neighborhood transformers) were five times more likely to develop leukemia. American Journal of Epidemiology, Vol. 128, 1988. David Savitz, Ph.D.
  3. Children who live near high power lines, and also regularly used electric hair dryers, and/or sat in front of television sets had the highest rates of leukemia.   However, all electrical appliances were contributing factors, including electric clocks, fluorescent lights, vacuum cleaners, electric blankets, and heating pads. EPRI study, February 1991, John Peters, Ph.D, Univ. of Southern California

Lawrie Challis, chair of the United Kingdom’s Mobile Telecommunications Health Research Programme, is an independent organization that has done studies into radio frequency radiation from cell phones.  They believe it will take years for us to know the full extent of the damage cell phones cause our health.  British scientists Sir William Stewart and Lawrie Challis both criticize mobile phone companies for not giving their patrons true information about the possible dangers and levels of the radiation emissions from their phones.  United Kingdom’s Mobile Telecommunications Health Research Programme (UK) www.mthr.org.uk; Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones (UK)  www.iegmp.org;  National Radiological Protection Board (UK) www.nrpb.org;  Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, July 2005

Books for more information:

  1. Dirty Electricity, Electrification and The Diseases of Civilization, by Samuel Milham, MD, MPH
  2. Zapped, by Ann Louise Gittleman
  3. Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves, by B. Blake Levitt
  4. Earthing, The most important health discovery ever?  By Ober, Sinatra, and Zucker

Sources for protective devices:

  • For more information on the dangers of radiation, as well as products available to help you protect yourself see www.earthcalm.com
  1. Earthing.com and Lessemf.com are two other helpful websites
  2. Cell phone diode for your cell phone, Ipod if you connect it to the internet, and your Ipad. They can be purchased through Health By Choice at 605-335-0000, or Blessed by Nature at 309-582-9999
  3. Cell phone handset for your cell phone, is available at www.nativeunion.com  This is a fun handset for cell phones that reduces radiation emissions by 96-97%.