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 “Dogs sometimes become aggressive, destructive, and even hysterical after receiving a vaccine.” In his 20 years of practice, Dr. Pitcairn said he “witnessed a dramatic difference between pets that were vaccinated and those not vaccinated. The pets not vaccinated have less illness, better coats, they tend not to attract parasites and are generally healthier overall.”  Dr. Pitcairn, DVM

I am often asked what we do for our dogs to support their immune systems in place of the chemical vaccines? Besides an exemplery diet, we choose to do something that we feel is more effective and so safe there are no side-effects.  Its called homeopathy.  What can it do that vaccines don’t do?  It works, its safe, it contains no parasites, pathogens, worms, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals, preservatives, etc.  You get the picture.  Because they are safe and nontoxic, the body can respond to them without having to deal with these other things, and it can therefore support the body in making its antibodies naturally.  Antibodies made to pathogens this way are not only effective, but they last for a lifetime.

The vaccines on the other hand, have a list of side-effects that include skin problems, seizures, cysts, tumors, hip displacement, hair loss, changes in hair texture, warty growths, numerous types of cancers, mood and personality changes, DNA damage, and death.  Therefore, we are committed to avoid them as much as possible. The rabies vaccine is the only exception, which we are convinced is both unsafe and unnecessary, but out of ignorance, the state requires it.  You will understand more as to why we feel the way we do as you read the information below.

When our dog first came home, although she was not vaccinated, her parents had been.  We knew the pathogens from her parents vaccines were likely to be in her, as well as any DNA damage she would have suffered from them. So the first thing we did was address all inherited vaccine issues.  Our puppy was given homeopathics for each of the vaccine worms, chemicals, and other pathogens she carried in her system.  See my blog on the website for more information regarding how we did this.  Once we were done with those, and the worms, etc., had been expelled, we were able to use homeopathy to address possible DNA issues that are common among Standard Poodles.

Below you will find the typical Immune Support schedule that we choose to follow.  This is what we use in place of vaccines.  Remember, every dog is different, just as each child is an individual and should be considered as such when it comes time to support their immune system for the same purpose.  You may find it helpful to consult a Homeopathic practitioner, a Naturopathic doctor, or a Holistic Veterinarian who uses homeopathy to do this most effectively for your pet.

A word of awareness: I have interviewed a number of veterinarians, and found that its highly unusual to find one that knows anything about homeopathy or building antibodies ahead of time. Be patient, its not their fault, they weren’t trained to use natural solutions, to prevent illness, to find causes, or even to use common sense.  If your vet is willing, this is probably something you will have to teach them.  Or, move on, and keep looking until you find one.  I personally feel it is worth the time and effort to search for the right veterinarian who has some knowledge, is willing to learn, and still has some commonsense.  One woman I spoke with said she doesn’t use a vet at all, but rather the same naturopath she takes her children to.  He was the only one she could find that was able to get her dog truly well, and didn’t want to use harmful substances on him.  I would keep an open mind.

We aren’t veterinarians, and wouldn’t presume to tell you what to do for your pet, but what we can do is share with you the list of things we found in our research to both stop doing and to start doing, in order to support your pet’s health from this point forward.

When our puppies are 5 weeks old, we support their immune system in building it’s own natural antibodies to the following pathogens and viruses with the following homeopathic remedies in this order:

  1. Parvovirus and Parvovirus vaccine remedy. We believe that the vaccine, and exposure to an animal or person that has been recently exposed to the vaccine are much more of a risk to our dogs than the natural virus itself, so we choose to address both of these at the same time, in one remedy.
  1. Rickettsia remedy. Although healthy dogs can usually build antibodies to this when exposed to the natural form, we choose not to wait and see, so we give the remedy early.
  1. Distemper vaccine.  We do not address the natural distemper virus, as we believe it is not in itself a threat to a dog, but rather the modified version in the vaccine.

After their 8th week we do the fourth remedy*

  1. Rabies vaccine remedy. We don’t typically do anything for rabies itself, because we don’t believe its a real threat to dogs*, but we do a remedy for the vaccine, because the state requires it, and the vaccine has been known to cause seizures, worms and aggression in some dogs.  So our dogs get the Rabies vaccine remedy to address damages after the vaccine is given. Thuja is another remedy that supports the dog’s body in recovering from damages caused by the vaccines.  That is a wonderful tool to have.  Yet, we go a step further and have the full vaccine matched homeopathically because we don’t want to miss addressing anything that might have been in the vaccine (mites, worms, formaldehyde, etc.).

*In the past, we had a dog get sick after a fight with rats, and he tested, using biokinesiology, to take 2 doses of a rabies homeopathic remedy.  After these were taken to support his body,  his symptoms cleared up within minutes.  We can only assume he had rabies, but generally we found these symptoms clear in 2-3 days even without giving a remedy.  The remedy just helps their immune system to do it so much quicker.

We wait until they are at least 4 months / 16 weeks to consider numbers 5, 6 & 7 below:

  1. Heart worms.  We have learned that there are really 4 types of worms that can infest and damage our dog’s heart, and although we used to let our dogs get it before we gave them a remedy (see blog at, with our Standard Poodles, we chose to use the worm remedy our Naturopath gave us to build antibodies ahead of time.

We don’t address AdenoVirus, Coronavirus, Rhinovirus or ParaInfluenza, as we believe these are only dangerous when they are modified and given in vaccine form.  If however, our dogs are exposed to a dog that we know has recently had one of these vaccines, we give them a remedy to address the modified form.  We also take it.  See “What Animal Vaccines May Do to Us” for information regarding this topic.

  1. Canine Mite vaccine remedy. Many dog owners complain of itching, skin problems and mite infestation in their dogs after a rabies vaccine.  Mites in the vaccine is just one of the many  possible side effects of animal vaccines, so we believe its worth supporting their immune system ahead of time, especially since it is a required vaccine.
  1. Canine Polio virus vaccine remedy.  I would be concerned about my dog developing hip problems or respiratory problems after receiving a Polio vaccine, like people do, so we choose to be on the safe side with this one, and support the building of antibodies ahead of time.

This last one we don’t consider doing until they are at least 18 months old.  

  1. Canine Tetanus vaccine remedy.  We all know tetanus could be a problem back in the 20’s and 30’s for a small number of people who got a deep cut in their foot (clostridium tetani is anerobic), and everyone still had horses, and dirt roads (it grows in horse manure and dirt containing horse manure).  What does this have to do with dogs?  Beats me.  I’ll let you think about that one. Anyway, the tetanus vaccine can cause a host of problems, including immune failure and death, so we choose to support our dogs, and ourselves in the building of antibodies to the vaccine form of it.

*Although we prefer to do these remedies in order, because we feel this is when our dog’s immune systems are developed enough to respond most effectively, if we find that they happen to be exposed to any of these ahead of when we would give it to them, we do it then – when they had been exposed.

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