It all started when Denise and Dave adopted their first Black Standard Poodle with the passion to breed better and healthier puppies for families to enjoy as much as they do. It wasn’t long before their family members fell in love with Doodle and Poodle breeds so much that they became Guardian Homes for companion and ethical breeding as well!

Collectively, we make up Doodles & Poodles Naturally.

Meet the Crew

Denise and Dave

Denise is a Certified Natural Health Professional and Master Herbalist and lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa. For almost thirty years she taught classes in alternative healthcare and considered herself to be a teacher and a coach to those who sought a healthy lifestyle. Now she is semi-retired and describes herself as an animal advocate and a coach for their human companions. Her familiarity with natural health options and modalities makes her an essential team member to the Doodles and Poodles Naturally family. She works alongside the other guardian families to ensure the health and wellbeing of both the breeding dogs and their puppies. Denise and her husband Dave, have five grown children, two Goldendoodles, and 3 standard poodles. Dave is an amazing builder who designs, builds and refines the whelping boxes and puppy nursery areas for Guardian Homes. Recently, Dave built a wood deck, paw bridge, and tree bench as more space to enjoy with the dogs outside amidst the nearly 2 acres of rolling hills which is their backyard.

Doug and Whitney 

Doug (Denise’s son-in-law) is one of the pastors for Citylight Church in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  He helps lead and preach for the church and mentors the church planters they have sent to launch new churches.  Doug and his wife, Whitney, have five busy, homeschooled children and two standard poodles.  While pastoring is Doug’s primary focus, he is an amazing help that continues to strengthen the Doodles & Poodles Naturally team with anything from social media marketing, finding loving forever homes for puppies, and being a care taker of Dave and Denise’s dogs if they are out of town visiting grandchildren.

Whitney (Denise’s daughter)  has her Bachelors Degree  in Youth and Family Ministry and Psychology. When not working alongside her husband, teaching women’s classes at church or homeschooling their five children, she is being “Dog Doula” and “Puppy Mom”.  She also helps with social media and the management of finding wonderful, forever homes for the puppies.

The Stevens’ five children are a big help in the socializing process with the puppies. They are always happy to go to one of the homes who have a litter, and sit with the puppies to help socialize them. They are also a big help when its time to clean puppy nurseries, grooming and feeding. Their two standard poodles, Honey and Sookie, absolutely adore the children and can be found acting as “Dog Nannies” to the youngest ones when not running around on their 5 acres of land for outdoor playtime.

Marshall and Justina

Marshall (Denise’s son) is a Certified Natural Health Professional, Integrative Health Coach, Trainer, educator and athlete living in Denver, Colorado. His familiarity with natural health options and modalities makes him an essential team member to the Doodles & Poodles Naturally team. He helps guide us in choosing the best diet, supplements and activities for the dogs, to assure the best health possible for them.

He and his wife, Justina, have a Bernese Mountain Dog and Marshall will be the primary “Dog Doula” and “Puppy Dad” to Mauna Loa’s upcoming litter, which will be Doodles & Poodles Naturally’s first Bernedoodle litter!

Justina (Denise’s daughter-in-law) has her Bachelors Degree in Communication Disorders and is gifted in the area of social media, research and customer service. She manages our website and Facebook page, as well as researching.  Marshall and Justina’s favorite game to play with Mauna Loa is soccer on their 1/4 acre land.


Jenna (Denise’s daughter) is the dog mom for two of our Standard Poodles, Peach, a happy-go-lucky phantom female, and Pippen, a bright, playful tri-color female, who is not yet of breeding age. Jenna is the primary photographer for Doodles & Poodles Naturally. When she isn’t out having adventures with her dogs, she serves in her community as a counselor. Jenna is an avid dog-lover who has been reading books about dogs as a pastime from the time she could first turn the pages. We refer to her as the “dog-whisperer” because she really gets dogs and understands their emotional language.

Collin and Aleesha

Collin (Denise’s son) and his wife, Aleesha (Denise’s daughter-in-law), are dog lovers who are a wonderful support to the Poodles & Doodles Naturally team and amazing step-in care takers of dogs in all of our Guardian Homes.

Both Collin and Aleesha can be found taking dogs out for extra exercise time, training a dog new tricks, giving them extra affection and taking photos or videos.  Aleesha is involved with women’s ministry at their local church and when not cuddling a puppy, can be found making jewelry or writing poetry. Collin enjoys biking, hiking bowling, and can be found playing soccer with the dogs.