Read What Other’s Are Saying About Our Puppies…


“These people are some of the best breeders I worked with! Our puppy was very attentive , we were welcomed into their home to meet mom and dad, which were very friendly and welcoming. I didn’t know much about her approach on vet care , but she answered every question I had! Even after we had picked our puppy up! I bothered her during her vacation to Colorado , but she still took the time to return my questions regarding Our puppy !
I would recommend them to those looking for healthy home raised standard poodle!”

— Elizabeth G.; Holistic Standard Poodles Customer

“Stella is growing up! Whelp: 8.5.2016.
She is also smart, loving, and great with my 3 year old
and 10 month old! Perfect for our family!”
      — John S.; Doodles & Poodles Naturally 


“We can’t say enough about how wonderful Standard Poodles & Doodles are as breeders and champions of bringing wonderful puppy lives into this world in which a natural and gentle method. All the love, care, the holistic approach throughout the pregnancy and birth, and the life long care they put into their practice is an art. They are trustworthy, honest, and downright delightful people and we are deeply blessed to have been given the opportunity to bring Ember into our hearts ans lives.”

— Amanda S. ; Doodles & Poodles Naturally 

“Their level of commitment to raising good parents and puppies is what convinced my wife and I to use them.”

— Jesse D. ; Doodles & Poodles Naturally

“We have a 4 month old black poodle. She is so good with our kids, has been easy to House break. She is so willing to please and listens so well. She has been such a wonderful addition to the family. I can’t recommend these puppies enough.”

— Amanda S. ; Doodles & Poodles Naturally

“We are thrilled with being able to get a puppy from Standard Poodles and Doodles. The breeders are extraordinary people and so are their dogs. We just got a puppy and he is very well adjusted and easy to train. Thank you for being so immpeccible with your standards for Standards! Kim”

— Kim K. ; Doodles & Poodles Naturally


“We absolutely love our black golden doodle. She’s so smart and good and always wants to please!
Update: Libby is 4 months old and house broke at home, comes when she is called. Always willing to please! Sleeps 12+ hours at night. Really friendly. Loves people.”

— Heather D. ; Doodles & Poodles Naturally


“Two weeks in a row our trainer, who has 20 years experience, has said that Blackie is the best-behaved adolescent she has ever seen. This week she said she would clone him, behavior-wise, and have it across the board. Thank your for our wonderful puppy! 🙂  Blackie continues to amaze me and all who meet him.  Hardly anyone walks by without saying how gorgeous he is.  And when they hear how young he is they are extremely impressed with how calm and well behaved he is.  I have had several ask for referrals.”

                                                          — Krista G; Doodles & Poodles Naturally 


“She has gorgeous poodle lines and a very noble stance. I also love her slim face. She is very well behaved and everyone complements on how sweet she is! Thanks again for trusting us to take her home!”

                                              — M. J. S.; Doodles & Poodles Naturally 


“One of your puppies is my niece-dog, Libby. She’s soooo sweet. My toddler who is scared to death do dogs simply LOVES Libby. She’s so good with him. Libby obeys very well, I’m so impressed. Someday I’d love one of my own! We live holistically so it only makes sense for us to get a holistic dog for our family!  #FutureCustomers “

— Breanna B. ; Doodles & Poodles Naturally 



“I got my forever buddies from you this past summer Max and Luke and I love them. We’re doing great! My vet called me today. He has always been a standard poodle owner apparently and his dog has terminal cancer. His family is pretty devastated. They are looking for a new poodle and he has asked me for your contact information because he thinks that my poodle dogs are the best he’s every seen. “

                                            — Terri H. ; Doodles & Poodles Naturally 

“I adopted our sweet doggie, Peach, from Denise’s first litter. Because I appreciate and admire the quality of loving holistic care that Denise provides for all of her doggy family members, I drove from Colorado to Iowa to pick up our Peach. (I was a little bit scared that Denise might have that litter and then decide to be done. You never know. Caring for pregnant dogs and new puppies is a lot of work!) Lucky for me, Denise is a natural at this holistic poodle raising, and she is not done yet. Her dogs truly shine. We will ABSOLUTELY get our next doggie from Denise as soon as we have space enough for two dogs plus the people in our household.
We love our Peach! She’ll be 3 in April. She’s smart, funny, playful, sweet, and just really great to have in our lives. I groom her myself, starting as a puppy with the help of YouTube videos, and she is a champ at it. She is game for anything, so willing to please, so trusting, healthy, and great with all ages of humans. We can’t imagine life without her.”

    — Jenna T.; Doodles & Poodles Naturally 

“Things are great. She is eating and drinking well, playing with the toddler, and napping comfortably. Potty training has been very easy so far also! She absolutely HATES her kennel, but that was kind of expected. Also, the vet said she is a perfect dog health, temperament, and look wise and gave you complements as a breeder.”

— John; Doodles & Poodles Naturally 


“I have had miniature poodles since 1977 and 10 years ago I acquired my first standard.    That sold me on standards.    I have had some nice minis over the years but these standards cannot be beat.    They are smarter, less hyper, much easier to house train and for some reason their teeth do not get bad like the smaller poodles. “

–Poodle Breeder from Louisiana



Success Stories

Using Natural Approaches

DISCLAIMER:We aren’t veterinarians, and wouldn’t presume to tell you what to do for your pet, but what we can do is share with you information we have found in our research in order to support the health of your pet. 

“My companion and friend is Rio, a 7 year old Australian Shepherd. For 5 months he was throwing up, like 4 times a day that I knew of. There were no other signs of being sick. The stomach X-ray by my vet came out fine, as did the blood test. I was sent home with two doses of wormer. My inner knowing told me to check with my Master Herbalist Consultant. She “muscle-tested” Rio and found that he had 3 kinds of stomach worms. After a week of the worm remedy, Rio was only throwing up occasionally. She continued working with him on other parasites (we live on a farm and he loves cow and horse poop). He is 100% fine now. He does get an Herbal Pumpkin capsule twice a day. I will continue to take care of my pets the same way I take care of myself. No vacciines, No Drugs, but YES to homeopathy and healthy food.”

–Karen, Denison, IA


“The excitement of raising our adopted puppy and bringing him home was amazing! Then…the hard part started: sorting through mixed info from dogfood brands to shots. I knew there had to be a natural way to build Porter’s immunity and keep him healthy. I turned to the experts of this website for education and learned so much! I feel empowered that I’m making informed decisions about natural healthcare for Porter…thanks to y’all!”

–Tegan,  Abilene, TX

“Sammy is a red long haired minature dachshund, who has had a lot of health issues since we adopted him into our home.  We don’t know his exact age, or what he was exposed to during the years before he came to live with us.  Along with the vet we calculated his age to be around 5 or 6 when he came. Over the years we have dealt with countless health issues, all which have been remedied with holistic health care.  One testimonial that really holds weight as proof of success in holistic care is a change in Sammy’s liver enzymes.  We had his blood drawn at the vet, and found out his liver enzymes were quite elevated.  It was suggested we put Sammy on one of their office supplements and watch and see what happens, but no change was noted.  Sammy and I then consulted with a holistic health care consultant who was able to muscle test for liver support and a few other issues.  It took a few months, and new protocols, but with each blood test, over the course of 6 months, we saw the liver enzymes decrease and finally go back into the normal range. Blood work in this case was proof that natural healthcare can and does work!  A lot of people need quantifiable results as proof, so this would be one example of just that!”

                                                  — Michon, Des Moines, IA

“My dog, Butler, a 3-year-old American Bulldog, showed up on my doorstep on Christmas (as a gift) when he was only a few months old.  It has been a wild ride ever since. At 6 months of age and unbeknownst to us, Butler ate a 6 foot leash that stayed coiled in his stomach for approximately 30 days.  During this time, some obvious ill-health began to manifest.  Eventually, he threw it up and we celebrated (in shock-and-awe). 
A few months after that, Butler began what we call his “episodes” – neurological and painful in nature, and every 2 weeks.  They were so bad in the beginning that self-paralysis was usually the only option for him, moving nothing but his eyelids for sometimes up to 12 hours of his 72-hour long stints. After a misdiagnosis from a conventional vet the day before his first episode, we have not been back.  
While our decision to support Butler at home was initially done mostly for financial reasons, we believe he is only alive today because of the use of holistic medicine. We have used chiropractic, acupuncture, herbs/nutrients, homeopathy, hands-on healing therapies, the EMC technique we learned from Denise Thompson, and above all else – a lot of prayer. Butler continues to see improvements with each passing day and, as of this date, his last episode was over 6 months ago with miraculous decreases in intensity, severity, and frequency of each incident. During Butler’s first 6-8 episodes, we thought for sure he was not well enough to live. He has proved us wrong every time and his fighting spirit has taught us all about life in ways only a beloved family pet can.”

–Kate B, Des Moines, IA

“I have used holistic dog care for both of my dogs for most of their lives. My second cocker spaniel, Bailey, developed seizures in the spring and fall of two years. I started researching and kept coming back to lawn fertilizers. We switched to organic lawn care and the seizures stopped. She just recently developed immune mediated thrombocytopenia. Basically her platelets went to zero. She was started on steroids at the mainstream vet and we weaned her over to a herbal formula at the holistic vet. She immediately went to normal platelet count and has had normal counts for over a year. Both cockers are receiving acupuncture for hip dysplasia or arthritis and not on any medications. Emma is on a damp heat formula of herbs for her skin allergies and has only had two mild outbreaks of hot spots in over three years. Previously she was a skin disaster every year, all year. Bailey and Emma are thirteen and twelve and, aside from deafness, not having any medical issues at this time. The are very healthy and happy girls.”

–Bambia, Papillion, NE