Is It Safe to Fly a Puppy?

Yes, we firmly believe that flying a puppy is absolutely safe and here’s why:


#1 Your puppy has a special crate that we provide and is protected in a temperature controlled and pressurized area.


#2 The puppy crate not only keeps them safe, but also allows your puppy to see out while carrying its food, water, and a cozy towel inside.

#3 Your puppy is never drugged. Far from that, we even use the safe and natural Rescue Remedy which is a homeopathic liquid drop that prevents stress.


#4 We personally drive your puppy in our lap to the airport, take them inside with everything necessary for a comfortable flight to the airport and give them lots of cuddles before it is time to get into the crate for their flight.


#5 We make all the shipping arrangements and book the shortest flight available ahead of time and provide you with all of the pick up information ahead of time.



The Shipping cost is $400 and includes:

– New “Airline Approved” Dog Crate which can be used for crate training.

-Feeding and water dish

– Tiny towel with scent from mama and the litter

-Airline charges for travel and ticket

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