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Optimum Health for Dog Eyes

It is always fascinating to uncover experienced veterinarians who had success in treating dog issues. Below is a list of three different reputable veterinarians who particularly focused on eye health and cataract treatment. In case anyone reading this blog is looking for information about their dog’s eye health, be sure to read below as a starting place!

Dr. L.O. Brooksby, D.V.M, from Hawaii used intramuscular injections of a combination of vitamin E and selenium therapy in about three hundred cases of cataracts and related eye conditions. He reported excellent results using just these nutrients, and doing the injections once weekly. He was able to get results after three injections, but sometimes even after the first. 

One story Dr. Brooksby told was of a small dog that was ten years old and had what he called bad cataracts. The dog had been bumping into furniture for some time. After his third injection of the vitamin E with selenium; however, he was able to catch frisbees in the air.

Dr. Wilfrid Shute, from Canada, reported that while treating his cardiac patients with vitamin E, it also eliminated their cataracts. Another benefit to the vitamin E was a return of both vigor and fertility in his dog. He owned a male doberman that could no longer impregnate dams he wanted bred. However, after the vitamin E therapy he was given, he not only regained his sight, but was a successful stud once again.

Dr. Geoff Broderick, D.V.M., found that while he was treating his dog with vitamin A his cataracts greatly improved.

I hope the list above is an informative starting place for any dog owner concerned about eye health.

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