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Guide to Breeding a Healthy Litter

Natural rearing of a puppy starts with making sure the mother of the puppy has an exemplary diet before conception, during pregnancy, and while nursing. This will ensure a good whelping (birth) experience, healthy puppies, and a good foundation for the puppies to grow into strong, healthy, happy dogs.

While we do attend the whelping process of our dogs, assisting them as needed, we avoid with unnecessarily interfering as much as possible. Moms and babies aren’t touched except when she wants help. Between the birth and 4th week of the puppies life we keep their bedding clean, make sure their mother has adequate raw meat, bones and water and slowing begin socializing.

Puppy Nutrition

Our mothers nurse their puppies until they decide to wean them themselves. This is often by 7-9 weeks. However, when the mother begins signaling behaviors of weaning, then we begin to supplement with goat’s milk, but only following nursing sessions. Eventually, around the seventh week we start the puppies on a high-quality holistic kibble. We use kinesiology, as instructed by Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, D.V.M., in their book Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog, to choose the appropriate food for each individual litter.

For more information on natural rearing, we recommend an article called A complete Guide to Raising A Puppy Naturally by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM.

Lifetime Immunity

We focus on lifetime immunity. To accomplish this we use homeopathic medicine called “nosodes” that supports puppies in the development of antibodies against canine diseases. How does this work? Nosodes are homeopathic (super diluted) remedies made from diseased tissue. Now I’m not a doctor, but according to Basic Microbiology, sixth edition, nosodes work similar as to when one catches a virus. Our body senses that it has been exposed via the mouth, sinuses, or skin and quickly begins the process of building a defense (antibodies) against it. In the case of nosodes, these are oral immunizations. Nosodes are a natural option for the process of building lifetime immunity against common puppy and adult dog diseases.

These nosodes do not contain thimerosal mercury derivative, polysorbate 80, ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol, sodium phosphate dibasic, monosodium glutamate, or aluminum hydroxide. There are no side-effects, no cancer causing agents, nor long-term side-effects. Here at Doodles & Poodles Naturally we go the extra mile for our puppies and dogs. Anything short of that we feel is unacceptable.

For more information on the pros and cons of puppy vaccinations, check out the articles below.

Early Neurological Stimulation

When puppies are in their second week of life they respond in a very interesting way to stimulation. During this time period it is critical to introduce them to a variety of stimuli so that they can develop into the best version of themselves while still in a safe environment with their mother and siblings.This includes introducing them to tactical stimulation, thermal stimulation, and various spinal positions that may not otherwise occur in their daily lives. We make sure to handle our puppies at least once a day in order to help them recognize these stimuli and develop into amazing young dogs.

For more information on the theory and procedures behind this practice, check out this article.

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