How We De-Worm Without Harm

When I was taking classes in Chinese herbology, the teacher stressed the necessity of taking minerals to ward off parasite infestation. Come to find out, parasites, especially worms, hate minerals. But the body loves them. Good to know, I thought. I decided to test this out when my kids were young. One Spring I did a worm detox program for the whole family. Everyone got a recommended dose of colloidal minerals with their meals. Thats easy enough I thought. Few complaints. It worked so well that I was a little shocked. Who knew. I had to keep telling myself …and the kids, “its better they are out then in, right?!” 

On the topic of the dogs’ hearts, Martin Zucker, DVM, says “Many dogs grow old before their time with weakening hearts …” He quotes Robert Goldstein, VMD as stating “The problem has become increasingly prevalent at younger ages. Seven or eight is not uncommon…” He explains that he believes the trend is “largely due to poor-quality nutrition, unnecessary vaccines, and exposure to environmental and chemical pollutants…”

What about heartworms? According to Dr. Zucker there are a number of tests your veterinarian can do to test for the presence of heartworms. What you choose to do with that information is up to you. When our collies got heartworm all of those years ago I didn’t know about supplements for dogs, only people. Nor did I even think for a moment about kibble being an insufficient “food” for them. Praise God, I know better now. What we did for our collies when they got heartworms was a homeopathic remedy to support their body in knowing to eliminate the worms, and for us it worked quickly. No more heartworms, and they had antibodies to protect in the future. 

We have different dogs now and I do both prevention and occasional deworming with homeopathy. I want my dogs protected from both angles. In many of the holistic veterinarian books they suggest you give the desired homeopathic remedy several times a day for 5-7 days, to help the dogs body know to kill off worms that are present. Then you give the remedy 1-2 times monthly for a year. After a year, you reduce it to one to two times a year. 

The nice thing about homeopathy and the use of minerals as a supplement to the diet, is that its a win, win. Many of them are now made for dogs so they are easy to give, and they support optimum health. The only downfall is finding a veterinarian who knows anything about nutrition and homeopathy.

However, there are a number of books by veterinarians who have turned to a more natural, healthy way of caring for animals (see list below), which includes being educated on nutrition. If you feel you need a vet to guide you in this direction, I would start by looking online for one. There are a number of good, knowledgable veterinarians that will work with you via internet and skyping. They can even order blood tests from vet offices in your area for your dog and have it sent to them. One thing I did at the recommendation of a friend, was subscribing to Dogs Naturally Magazine. This is a magazine full of good information about dogs, their diet, health, even training. In addition to the information, is a list of natural veterinarians you can contact for nutrition support, natural remedies, and other alternative help with your pet.

Here is a list of support I have found in books and online:

  1. Diatomaceous earth, food grade in pen and play areas. 
  2. Extra minerals added to water and/or food to support the body in the natural elimination of worms.
  3. Deworming products from or other reputable animal supply store
  4. Homeopet WRM Clear homeopathic drops
  5. Dog dewormer combination formula, generally considered safe for puppies, that you can make yourself: Purchase health food store quality extracts for best quality and effectiveness: Crampbark, Wild yam, Dill weed, Cloves, Rosemary leaf, Colloidal silver, and purified water. 
  6. General canine parasites and worm dietary supplements: Raw eggs, organic grass (they eat as needed as long as they have access), dill seed, rosemary, clove, spirulina
  7. Spikenard extract has been used for worms following the rabies, parvo, and lymes vaccines
  8. Raw, organic farm fresh eggs have been used for tapeworm, liver flukes, and the worms following the distemper vaccine 
  9. Gravel root extract has been used for the worms from the rabies vaccine, and parvo vaccine 
  10. Allow dogs to eat organic (non-sprayed) grass, as this is a natural dewormer
  11. Multi-glandular supplement to support normal function of the organs and glands
  12. Consider getting titers on dog before revaccinating