Adoption Application

Are you interested in applying to adopt a puppy from a current or future litter? Please fill out our Adoption Application and we will be in touch with you soon.

Adoption Prices

Standard Doodles:

  • Goldendoodles = $1,200
  • Aussiedoodles = $1,000
  • Standard Poodles = $1,000
  • Trained puppy, 12 weeks or older = $ 2,500+
  • Deposits to choose/reserve a puppy = $300

NOTE: Prices are subject to change in accordance with our costs to provide the best care for our dogs and puppies.

*Scroll to bottom of page to read about the quality of our puppies

Have you made the decision to adopt a puppy? Because the deposit is non-refundable, you will want to be sure about your decision.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Complete the Adoption Application Form

Step 2: We accept deposits through Zelle, Venmo or cash to reserve your puppy. At this time, we are not allowing in-person visits to choose a puppy. After we receive your $300 deposit, you can reserve the puppy of your choosing on a first-come-first-served basis via photos or FaceTime chat.

We know that putting down a deposit is a big deal, so we don’t take it lightly (and we hope you don’t either). We think it is important to foster positive, trusting relationships with all of our adopting families, and we are honored that you are considering adopting a dog from us.

Who are we? 
We are a family who loves our companion dogs! Together as a family, through our expertise with dogs and our love for our favorite breeds, we have built Doodles & Poodles Naturally. The breeds we work with are Standard Poodles and Standard Doodles. We are not a dog kennel and we do not raise dogs to sell as you would expect from a kennel. We practice only the strictest Ethical Breeding Principles as well as Naturally Whelping & Breeding Principles. Our puppies come from our beloved companion dogs who live with us, in our home, or in the homes of our family members or trusted guardians as their beloved companions. Each of our sires and dams lives a loving life as part of the family!


What is unique about the puppies you breed for the price you sell them?

Bear with us, we’re pretty proud of our dogs…

  • Our puppies come from healthy dogs that are our pets, not kennel dogs. 
  • Our parent dogs have passed our tests for best disposition (gentle, smart, friendly, and good with children), that we want to see in our puppies. 
  • All of our dams, from pregnancy through lactation, are conscientiously raised on organic, raw meat. They are not exposed to antibiotics in their food or otherwise. We believe that by avoiding these, it may help avoid future ear fungus, bladder weakness, and gut problems in the puppies. We also feel that organic raw meat naturally supports healthy bones, muscle, and connective tissue in the puppies. 
  • Our dogs are tested scientifically (saliva and blood testing), but more importantly, they are tested using biokinesiology. We do this to ensure both they and their puppies are free of genetic diseases and leave our home with a good start in life.
  • Our adult dogs and puppies are conscientiously dewormed with herbs and foods that naturally repel worms, bacteria, and other pathogens. They are not exposed to chemical dewormers that have the potential of causing gut and colon problems, chronic illness, genetic damage, or death of the puppy. 
  • Our adult dogs and puppies are conscientiously immunized with homeopathics called nosodes. We feel these support their own body in naturally building antibodies to the bacteria, viruses and pathogens being targeted. Another advantage is there are no side-effects, no risk of seizures, collapse, chronic disability, genetic anomaly, or death to the dog or puppy. More and more natural minded veterinarians are turning to homeopathics to safely care for the pets of their customers. 
  • Our puppies come with a three year health guarantee from genetic anomalies for 175+ heritable diseases.
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